• Jim Woo, Ph.D, Founder and CEO

    Jim Woo,  Ph.D, Founder and CEO
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  • Ethan Chien, Ph.D, Scientist & Executive Chef

    Ethan Chien, Ph.D, Scientist & Executive Chef
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  • Andy Nguyen, Engineer, Chef de Cuisine

    Andy Nguyen, Engineer, Chef de Cuisine
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Our Team

Our management team is unique due to their background in science and engineering. It is their love of cooking and commitment to promoting the plant-based diet that brings them together to create this vegan restaurant online. You can count on their experience and creativity to deliver you fresh and tasty gourmet meals.

Long-Lasting Freshness with Advanced Packaging

It’s all about delivering you a fresh meal that’s ready to eat in minutes. We start with vacuum packing and take it to another level. Vacuum packing extends the lifespan of food by 2-5 times because of the removal of oxygen, which is the major cause of food spoilage and nutrition degradation. However, vacuum packing squishes foods. Thus, after removing the oxygen from the packaging, we add food-grade gas to maintain the shape and texture of our tasty meals. This is called “modified-atmosphere packaging” (MAP). We will also refer to it as “Oxygen-Free Packaging Technology”.

Strict temperature control is used in conjunction with a modified atmosphere to extend the shelf life of our food. Upon preparation, the food is quickly chilled to 34F before using MAP. After packaging, the food is kept in the refrigerator before shipment. Sufficient insulation and ice packs are used to ensure the inside of the box is kept below 40F during the shipment to your door. Be sure to keep the food refrigerated upon receiving. Freeze any food that is not consumed within 7 days.

  • High Grade Packaging
  • Strict Temperature Control
  • Delivered weekly
  • Prolonged Freshness

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