Ethan Chien, Ph.D, Scientist & Executive Chef

Born in Taipei, Taiwan, known as the capital of gourmet food, Ethan has been fascinated with cooking from a very young age, but his academic success prevented him from pursuing a culinary career. After obtaining his Ph.D. Degree in material science at University of California Irvine, Ethan was hired as a research scientist in a high-tech company in Silicon Valley to develop clean energy technology. As his knowledge about green technology expanded, he realized that the most effective way to stop global warming is for humanity to adopt a plant-based diet.

Ethan became a vegan in 2011 and quit his high-paid job a year after to work at a vegan restaurant. In 2013, he became the general manager of a flagship store of the largest international vegan restaurant chain in the United States. His intensive interest in cooking, combined with his scientific knowledge and willingness to learn from experienced chefs, elevated him to a master chef in a few short years. He has invented many new vegan dishes which are the best sellers. The list includes Rolling Tango, Pickled Cabbage Beefless Strips, Orange Treasurer, Green Forest, Twice Cooked Tofu and continues. At Vegan Gourmet Box, Ethan is inventing new recipes and applying his knowledge in material science to packaging materials to preserve the freshness of our products.