Jim Woo, Ph.D, Founder & CEO

Born in China and a naturalized US citizen, Jim received his Ph.D degree in chemistry from State University of New York at Buffalo in 1990. Since then, he conducted scientific research in both academic and industrial settings for nearly two decades. His positions included senior lecturer at University of Geneva, Switzerland, and senior scientist in the world’s largest water treatment company and the semiconductor giant. A long-time vegetarian, Jim decided to become vegan on his 46th birthday and to devote the rest of his life to promote the plant-based diet.

In 2009, Jim and several like-minded people opened a fast-service vegan restaurant in an upscale shopping mall in San Jose, California. This restaurant turned out to be the very first vegan restaurant in super-regional shopping malls in North America. Jim is now directly involved with the operation of four vegan restaurants in Silicon Valley. He is passionately committed to making vegan food available to as many people as possible for the wellbeing of people, animals and our planet. Vegan Gourmet Box is an extension of his commitment.