How It Works

Two options for weekly subscriptions: each contains five meals

Family Share

Personal Taste

Our chefs curate a weekly menu which includes an appetizer or salad, a protein-rich entree, a vegetable rich entree, a noodle soup, and either a fried rice or a noodle dish. To complement those entrees, we add a package of steamed brown rice.

Choose from a selection of nutritious and tasty meals, balanced for a healthy diet. We can prepare your five meals according to your personal preferences. Options are:
1. Entree with fried rice
2. Entree with fried noodle
3. Noodle Dish
4. Noodle Soup
5. Dim Sum
6. Gourmet Salad




We deliver every Wednesday for order received by Monday 11pm (PST). 
The delivery is free in Silicon Valley (see free delivery zone). 

  • You may cancel, skip or reactivate your subscription any time.
  • You may also order a la cart from our menu without subscription.

Commonly Asked Questions

    What is the main difference between the two subscriptions?

    • The meals in our Family Share plan may be conveniently shared at the dinner table with others. Some of our subscribers use our meals to supplement their cooking for the family, too. Individuals may also use the Family Share plan by portioning and combining food from different packages by themselves.

    • The Personal Taste plan is very convenient for individuals. Meals such as combos and noodle plates can be readily brought to the workplace as lunch if a microwave oven is available.

    With the Personal Taste plan, do I need to choose my food every week in my plan?

    No. You are asked to make choices of meals in different categories when you first subscribe.  We will assemble your meals according to your choices. However, you may change your choices any time if you like. 


    May I switch the two meal plans?

    Yes. You may simply cancel or pause your current plan and begin to subscribe to the other plan.

    How do I manage my subscription?

    To manage your subscription, follow these instructions: 

    1. Click "Mange subscription"  link received in your email; 

    2. This will take you to the page of  “Subscription Orders". 

    3. You may edit your orders, skip delivery, cancel or reactivate your subscriptions.


    How will my order arrive?

    Your order will arrive in an insulated bag with ice gel packs to keep it cold. Each of your meals are individually packed via modified atmosphere to keep them fresh for up to seven days.  Your food is never frozen from our kitchen to your door. Please keep your food refrigerated after you have received it.

    Do I have to be home in order to receive my meals? 

    No. Our driver will leave the food at your door and ring the bell once. We provide enough ice packs to last for a day to keep your food cold.  However, we recommend that you pick up your package as soon as possible and place the food in your refrigerator.

    At what time, will my food be delivered?

    We make deliveries in Silicon Valley between 9am and 4pm on Wednesday. We can not predict the exact hours your delivery is made because of the traffic condition and changes of delivery numbers each week.

    What is the best way to store meals?

    Please keep your meals in the refrigerator as soon as you receive it. Thanks to the special packaging, your food will remain fresh for one week. We do not recommend freezing your food as freezing will change the texture of the food. However, if you know you cannot finish your food within a week, you may place the packages in your freezer; it will last for at least six months.