What is Vegan Gourmet Box?

We are a vegan gourmet restaurant online specializing in Chinese, Vietnamese and other East Asian Cuisines.  Your order is prepared according to your instructions and shipped to your door in a refrigerated box.  Thanks to our Oxygen-Free Packaging Technology, your food is kept fresh for at least seven days.  You may enjoy your vegan gourmet meals at your home by simply reheating them. 

How long do meals stay fresh?

Our meals can stay fresh in your refrigerator for 7 days and up to 6 months if frozen. We never freeze any of our ingredients but if you don’t find the time to eat a meal, feel free to freeze it and heat it up when you’re ready.

How is your food kept fresh?

Freshness starts with fresh ingredients cooked right after you place your order. Next, we use just the right ingredients, such as lemon juice, garlic, and other natural preservatives that improve the flavor of the food. The next step is removing all the oxygen from the packaging: bacteria needs oxygen to grow, so this extends the life of the food. And to prevent the vacuum-sealed packaging from pressing certain foods too tightly, we add food-grade gas to the packaging. And finally, we deliver your food in an insulated bag with ice gel packs to keep the temperature in a safe zone. 

What is the difference between Vegan Gourmet Box and third-party delivery services such as Doordash and Uber-Eat?

There are several differences.   Our food is specially packed to keep fresh for a whole week and you can enjoy it any time at home.  To allow us time to prepare and packaging the food, we need a longer lead time.  We need to receive your order by Monday night for the delivery on Wednesday.   Another important difference is that our delivery is free in Silicon Valley for orders over $60 and the delivery is made by our own employees.  You may simply contact us if you have any questions. 


Are all items 100% plant-based?

Yes, all of our foods are 100% vegan. Our facility does not process any food which contains any animal products including dairy, eggs and honey.

 Is your food organic and GMO-Free?

We use only non-GMO ingredients and we use organic ingredients when availability and pricing permit. For example, we use organic tofu and organic soymilk. We use rice-bran oil which is GMO-Free.

Is your packaging safe and environmentally friendly?

The containers that we use for the food are made from natural plant fibers and their lids are made from PLA, which is derived from plants and freezer safe. The plastic used for modified atmosphere packaging is BPA-free food-grade.  We collect the delivery bags and ice packs from our regular customers and reuse them if they are in good condition.  

How do I return the delivery bag and ice packs?

You are welcome to keep the bag and packaging materials if you need them. If you do not need them, please leave them at your door on the next delivery date (which is typically on a Wednesday).  We will collect them as we deliver the new bag of food to you. 

Do you take orders for schools and daycares?

Yes, we happily accommodate schools and daycares.

Can I order my meal without garlic / chili etc.?

Yes! Because we cook all our meals fresh, we will happily accommodate your taste and preference!

We will also gladly accommodate food allergies and all our gluten-free dishes are clearly labeled. Our facility is not a 100% gluten-free facility but we do our best to avoid cross-contamination.

How do I cook the meal?

See the cooking instructions for each meal in the menu section here. We also provide the cooking instruction on the individual food package.

Can I subscribe to the meal plans?

Yes.  We offer weekly special box which contains at least 5 meals with a fixed price of $55.  The delivery is free in Silicon Valley.  Please check our delivery zone. 

What is in the weekly special box?

We change the menu for weekly special box every week.  As we have a large collection of menu items, you will not have the same item twice in a month.  The content of the weekly plan is dated every Monday night on our website: https://www.vgnbox.com/pages/specials

Our weekly special box contains one item from each of the following categories to make your meals balanced in terms of nutrition and taste. 

(1) Dim Sum or Salad; 

(2) Noodle Soup; 

(3) Protein-rich entrees; 

(4) Fiber-rich (vegetable-based) entrees; 

(5) Carbohydrate-rich dishes (Chow Mien, Fried Rice etc). 

In addition, we include a pack of steam brown rice to go with the entrees.